I inform you of the new opening of my Podiatrique-Podologique Ciurana Cabinet in Luxembourg located at 30, Route de Luxembourg, L-7372 Lorentzweiler

I graduated in Podiatry from the Universitat de Barcelona and hold two postgraduate degrees (one in Orthopedics at the Universitat de Barcelona), in addition to several training courses. Specialist in diabetic foot, pediatrics, sports orthopedics and geriatric orthopedics, with 24 years of experience.
I have a podiatry and orthopedic clinic in Spain (Barcelona) “Clínica podològica i Ortopèdia Ciurana” as a podiatrist and orthopedist for 18 years.

In Spain podiatrists treat foot problems (university studies). We diagnose, prescribe and treat. To treat such diseases, we use chiropodological methods (removal of keratopathies: hyperkeratosis and helomas, onychocryptosis, onychomycosis, ulcers, plantar warts, etc.), orthopodological and biomechanical (exploration of walking, making of plantar soles, silicone orthoses custom-made toes and prostheses) and surgical methods (onychocryptosis, granuloma piogen ablation, hallux valgus, hammer or claw toes, interdigital helomas, exostoses, etc.)

Dafne Ciurana